James Gleeson

Battelle Resume
M.S. and B.S., Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Mr. Gleeson has over 30 years of experience in the areas of product design, custom test equipment, tribology, and metrology. His experience has involved medical component design and testing, precision measurements, and friction and wear analysis for healthcare products and also nuclear, transportation, and aerospace industries. Mr. Gleeson has also participated in programs dealing with lubricant evaluations, bearing design, determination of friction coefficients, and wear analysis. 

Relevant Experience
  • Healthcare Product Design. Mr. Gleeson has contributed to many areas of medical product development.  This includes evaluation of materials, component selection, maintenance procedures, lubricant selection, assessment of wear coatings, and component failure analysis. One recent product activity resolved permeability and vapor pressure issues with a custom applicator for antiseptics. Another project he studied the friction of rubber pistons in a glass syringe.  Metrology expertise has been applied to many projects, for example: part measurements, first article inspections, and design of reference artifacts incorporated in devices. Mr. Gleeson has received a patent relating to the design of tools for minimally invasive heart surgery.
  • Materials Selection. He has performed screening tests for the selection of improved materials for many applications such as ambulatory feeding pumps, clinical diagnostic instruments, refrigeration compressors, hydraulic hammers, and underwater robots. Using engineering plastics in harsh environments has been the focus of many of these studies. A failure analysis, wear evaluation, and/or design review has often been used to identify the important parameters required in the new material. Typically, a matrix of potential candidates was tested at conditions that simulated those found in the actual application.
  • Precision Measurements. Mr. Gleeson has developed an ultrasonic method for measuring cap screw preload in a railroad rework shop environment. A custom ultrasonic system has been assembled and used to determine the clamp load state of freight car bearings as a function of service mileage. In another project, Mr. Gleeson designed the apparatus for quantifying loaded gear transmission errors. This is accomplished by measuring the differential rotation of the gear shafts to better than 3 arcseconds. The results of this study were used to validate a gear error model developed at Battelle. 

Professional Recognition and Affiliations
Mr. Gleeson is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.
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