Steven Shaffer, PhD

Dr. Shaffer received his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1981, and his MS (1986) and Ph.D. (1990) in Materials Science Engineering, each from the University of California, Berkeley. 

He worked for 22 years at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio conducting applied Tribology research, specializing in the design, construction, and operation of application-specific experimental apparatus for friction, wear and lubrication testing as well as mechanical testing, and in the interpretation of the test results.  Among over 50 different projects during his tenure at Battelle, Dr. Shaffer supported the development of bio-based environmentally friendly lubricants, and became a known authority on performance-based brake testing, and an expert in commercial motor vehicle safety.

In December 2012 he joined the Tribology and Mechanical Testing division (TMT) of Bruker Nano-Surfaces, where he continues to develop tribo-tests for specific applications, and support Bruker’s global applications staff.
Professionally, Dr. Shaffer serves as a referee for technical papers in the areas of tribology and mechanical testing, and is on the editorial board for STLE’s journal Tribology Transactions, ASTM’s Journal of Testing and Evaluation, and the International Wear of Materials (WOM) Conferences.  He has been involved with development of wear and friction test standards for ASTM, is the current Chairman of the ASTM G-02 Committee on Erosion and Wear, and was Chairman for the International Wear of Materials conference (WOM) from 2007-2011.
Dr. Shaffer collaborates with a number of Universities in developing laboratory experiments to teach the principles of Tribology to students.

Dr. Shaffer is an avid curler (the tribologically-intriguing sport on ice), currently lives in Silicon Valley, California, where he commutes 19 km daily via bicycle.
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