Terry Merriman

Subject Matter Consultant for Tribology: Bearings, gears, lubricants, material selection for friction and wear control. Specialty Instrumentation, and Testing
Security Clearance
DoD Top Secret:  Granted 10/10/2012, periodic reinvestigation (PPR) dated 12/22/2011

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, 1982, with Honors thesis in dynamics
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

1982 to 2016,  Senior Research Scientist,  Battelle,  Columbus, Ohio
February 2016 to present,  founder Tribology Associates LLC,  Columbus,  Ohio 

Mr. Merriman has 35 years of experience in engineering mechanics, tribological phenomena, and underwater tooling.  Each year he has consulted on typically a dozen different industrial, medical product, or defense related projects, accumulating familiarity with hundreds of companies and technologies.  He resided for twenty plus years in an Engineering Mechanics Group that with experts in dynamics, acoustics, engineering mechanics and non-destructive testing.  He operates a tribology laboratory for evaluating materials and designs particularly for extreme environments. Practical experience also incliudes both acoustics and muffler design.  Contributing author for industry standard handbooks on tribology.  Produces ruggedized equipment for special forces both land based and nautical environments.

Examples of recent work
  • Oil-less bearings in chemical and biological agent environs
  • Bearing failures in cruise ship motors
  • Bearing service life extension on NASA International Space Station CMG
  • Tribology to sport fishing and golf industries
  • Airframe bearing material selection and qualification

Relevant Experience
  • Experiments in Friction, Wear and High-Shear Viscosity of Oils and Greases. ​​Mr. Merriman has developed materials for bearings and gears in industrial and military applications. His experience includes a legacy of parts on board Space Shuttle, Space Station, and military equipment for aerospace and undersea applications.  His clients and programs include continuing relationships exceeding 10 years.  He has had international programs with clients in over 20 countries.
  • Tribology. Mr. Merriman was one of Battelle’s tribology specialists in friction wear, lubrications and sliding surface physics
    • Thirty plus years analysis and design experience with bearings, gears, lubricants, coatings, polymers
    • Experience in many major failure analyses including aerospace and transportation
    • ASME/STLE published and referenced in  books/papers, reviewer, author of several handbook chapters
    • Original designs in medical devices and consumer products.
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. Mr. Merriman has experience conducting Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, risk assessments, and life cycle analysis for mechanical and electrical assemblies.
  • Specialty Sensors.  Mr. Merriman is a specialist in the development and use of specialty sensors for difficult applications, including:
    • Ytterbium and manganin contact pressure sensors,  laser systems,  proximity,  encoders,  thermal (RTD and infrared)
    • Authored chapters in several technical books on methods and procedures of instrumentation.  Examples include: contact pressures, infrared sensing of rotating equipment, high-shear viscosity of oils and greases, high-speed photography and proximity sensing by laser triangularization
    • Extensive experience modifying equipment with specialized sensors (such as telemetry, mercury slip rings, infrared thermocouples and precision RTDs, optical and mechanical encoders, and emission analyses sensors (such as CO and O3)
    • ​Telemetry and field data acquisition hardware and software.  Integrated programs with C, Visual Basic, and Fortran.  Data acquisition and HMI applications.
  • Metrology.  Mr. Merriman is a specialist in measurement technology, especially applied to unconventional applications:
    • Metallurgical and microscopy savvy including SEM, EDAX, FTIR
    • Laser and stylus (Talysurf) profilometry, replication technology (silicone and acetate), microscopy
  • Dynamics and Acoustics.  Mr. Merriman has solved significant problems in mechanical dynamics and acoustics. His undergraduate thesis was on a head form simulator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminisrtation.  His graduate work involved solution of the Reynolds Equation for bulk flow of solids. His acoustics experience includes, muffler design,  equipment quieting, vibration isolation,  room design for quieting, and room design for music and speech performance.

Professional Recognition and Affiliations
  • Named on three IR&D 100 awards
  • Contributing author for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Lubrication Engineers, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, NASA Lessons Learned Handbook, CRC Tribology Handbook

  • Merriman, T. L.,  Tribology Testing chapter of “Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology”,  Vol II, 2cnd edition,  CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL,  2012
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