The slideshow gives representatives photos and briefs on
some of the many projects the staff has worked on.
  1. Nuclear Power Plants
    Nuclear Power Plants
    Tests and qualifies materials for motor operated valves in nuclear power plants
  2. Space Station 1
    Space Station 1
    Measured friction and wear properties of graphite bearings in anhydrous ammonia cooling pumps for Space Station air conditioning systems
  3. Train Bearing Failure Analysis
    Train Bearing Failure Analysis
    Evaluated locomotive bearing to determine cause of failure to passenger train
  4. Sliding Contact Tests
    Sliding Contact Tests
    Friction and wear tests to determine threshold of galling for highly stressed sliding contacts
  5. Golf Club
    Golf Club
    Contact mechanics related to golf club face design
  6. Rolling Element Bearings
    Rolling Element Bearings
    Methods to evaluate bearing geometry and confirm contact mechanics in rolling element bearings
  7. Space Station 2
    Space Station 2
    Design of Space Station CMG bearings for cage stability and lubrication in long term space environment
  8. Space Shuttle
    Space Shuttle
    Fifteen years continuous development of Space Shuttle main engine turbopump bearings; 20,000 rpm with no liquid lubrication