1. Terry L. Merriman
    Terry Merriman Tribology
    Owner of Tribology Associates, LLC. Subject matter expert for tribology.
    Education/Employment: MSME, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, honors thesis in dynamics. Battelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, senior research engineer (37 years) Qualifications: Experience consulting with hundreds of clients on engineering and tribological phenomena. Failure analysis and design of rolling element bearings, gears. Parts aboard NASA space shuttle main engine and Space Station gyroscopes. Recognition/Affiliations: Chapter author for NASA Lessons Learned Handbook and CRC Tribology Handbook. Named on three IR&D 100 awards. Multiple journal articles for American Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. Security Clearance: DoD Top Secret: Granted 10/10/2012, periodic reinvestigation (PPR) dated 12/22/2011
  2. James Gleeson
    Senior Engineer
    Education/Employment: MS and BS, Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University. Battelle Laboratories, Tribology and Medical product Development (30 years) Qualifications: Extensive product design, custom test equipment, tribology, and metrology. Medical component design and testing, precision measurements, and friction and wear analysis for healthcare products, nuclear energy, transportation, and aerospace industries. Mr. Gleeson has also participated in lubricant evaluations, bearing design, determination of friction coefficients, and wear analysis. Recognition/Affiliations: American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
  3. Steven J. Shaffer, PhD
    Steven Shaffer Tribology
    Senior Application Specialist
    Education/Employment: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. Battelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio (22 years). Currently with the Tribology and Mechanical Testing division (TMT) of Bruker Nano-Surfaces. Qualifications: Conducted applied tribology research, specializing in the design, construction, and operation of application-specific experimental apparatus for friction, wear and lubrication testing as well as mechanical testing and the interpretation of test results. Collaborates with universities in developing laboratory experiments to teach tribology. Recognition/Affiliations: Referee for technical papers in the areas of tribology and mechanical testing. Editorial board for STLE’s journal Tribology Transactions, ASTM’s Journal of Testing and Evaluation, and the International Wear of Materials (WOM) Conferences. Involved with development of wear and friction test standards for ASTM. Current Chairman of the ASTM G-02 Committee on Erosion and Wear, and Chairman for the International Wear of Materials conference (WOM) from 2007-2011.
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